Generating a Certificate Signing Request

You can generate a certificate signing request (CSR) in Deep Discovery Analyzer to apply for a new certificate from a certificate authority (CA).


Deep Discovery Analyzer supports certificates in X.509 PEM format.

  1. Go to Administration > System Settings and click the HTTPS Certificate tab.
  2. Click Generate Certificate Signing Request.
  3. Configure the certificate signing request settings.

    The following table describes the fields.

    Table 1.



    Common name (CN)

    Specify a domain name or the server host name.

    Subject alternative names

    Specify one or more domain names to associate with the generated certificate.

    Organization (O)

    Specify your company name.

    Organization unit (OU)

    Specify the name of your department within your company.

    Country (C)

    Specify the 2-character code for the country where your company is located.

    State/Region (ST)

    Specify the state or region where your company is located.

    City/Locality (L)

    Specify the city where your company is located.

    Email address

    Specify your email address.

    Key type and size

    Select one of the following options:

    • RSA (2048 bits)

    • RSA (4096 bits)

  4. Click Generate and Download.

    After the certificate signing request is generated, the system automatically downloads the .csr file.