Debug Tab

You can use the Debug tab to generate and configure debug logs for troubleshooting.

  1. Specify how events will be shown in the debug logs.
    1. Under the Debug Level Settings section, review the default debug levels assigned to the following events:
      • Virtual Analyzer Sensor

      • Virtual Analyzer

      • Scan Flow

      • Cluster

      • Notification

      • Apex Central

      • SNMP

      • Deep Discovery Director

      • Product Integration

      • Operational Report

      • ICAP Server

      • Management Console

      • Network Shares

      • Others

    2. To customize the debug level for the following events, click the current level assigned and select another value.
    3. Click Save.
    4. To return all debug level settings to their default values, click Restore Default.
  2. Collect debug logs.
    1. In the Log Collection section, determine the appliance where the log collection task should run.

      For active primary appliances, Deep Discovery Analyzer always shows the active primary appliance as the first entry.

      For passive primary appliances, Deep Discovery Analyzer shows the host name of the passive primary appliance for easier identification.

    2. Click Collect Debug Logs for the selected appliance.
    3. Wait for the task to complete.
    4. Click Download Debug log to save the debug logs.

    For debug logs of the passive primary appliance, go to the management console of the active primary appliance.

    For debug logs of a secondary appliance, go to the management console of the secondary appliance.