Configuring Storage Maintenance Settings

You can use the Storage Maintenance screen to specify the cluster node to store analysis results and control the amount of logs that Deep Discovery Analyzer saves.

  1. Go to Administration > System Maintenance and click the Storage Maintenance tab.
  2. In the Analysis Results section, select the node location to store analysis results.
    • Primary node: Select this option to store all analysis results (for samples analyzed on both the primary and secondary nodes) on the primary node


      Selecting this option may increase storage utilization on the primary node.

    • Primary and secondary nodes: Select this option to store analysis results on the node that scanned the sample. For example, if a sample is analyzed on a secondary node, the result is stored on the node itself and is not sent to the primary node.


      You can view the data backup status for secondary nodes on the Data Backup screen.

  3. In the Detection Logs section, configure the following settings:
    • Delete logs older than: Specify the number of days to keep logs


      The specified value must be between 1 and 100.

    • Delete logs when the total free disk space is lower than: Specify the disk space threshold for automatic log deletion and select the type of logs to delete (all logs or prioritize log deletion based on detection risk)

      • The threshold value must be between 10 and 90.

      • Deep Discovery Analyzer purges 10% more than the specified percentage.

      • If you select Delete logs for non-malicious sample detections first, system performance may be affected since Deep Discovery Analyzer checks and deletes one log at a time.

  4. Click Save.