Data Backup

Deep Discovery Analyzer automatically exports submission records, analysis results, and objects to a remote server you specify on the Storage Maintenance screen.

Investigation package data is periodically purged based on available storage space. To ensure availability of the data, Trend Micro recommends backing up the data to an external server. For details, see Investigation Package Data Retention.

  1. On the Administration > System Maintenance screen, click the Back Up tab.
  2. Select Automatically back up to remote server.
  3. Select the server type.
    • SFTP server

    • FTP server

  4. Type the following information.
    1. Host name or IP address: The host name, IPv4 address, or IPv6 address of the backup server.
    2. Port: The port number of the backup server.
    3. (Optional) Folder: The backup folder path. The default value is the root folder.
    4. User name: The user name used for authentication.
    5. Password: The password used for authentication.
  5. Click Test Server Connection to verify the connection to the primary backup server.
  6. Select the scope of the data to back up.
    • All submissions

    • High/Medium/Low risk

    • High risk only

  7. Click Save.