Configuring Email Submission Settings

  1. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services and click the Email Submission tab.
  2. Select Enable email submission.

    If you disable the email submissions feature, Deep Discovery Analyzer stops sending email notifications with analysis results for samples that Virtual Analyzer is currently processing.

  3. In the General section, specify the email address that Deep Discovery Analyzer uses to receive email messages and send analysis result notifications. The default setting is
  4. In the Email Senders section, specify the permitted user domains and SMTP servers that are allowed to send email messages to Deep Discovery Analyzer for analysis.
    • Permitted domains: Type a domain and press [Enter]. You can add up to five domains.

    • Permitted SMTP servers: Type an SMTP server address and press [Enter]. You can specify up to five server addresses.

      Configure the following settings for the SMTP server in Deep Discovery Analyzer:

      • Port: Type the server port number. The default is 25. This setting is required.

      • SSL/TLS: Select Enable SSL/TLS to establish a secure connection to the servers. Then, select the required certificate and private key files and the passphrase.

  5. In the Email Notifications section, configure the SMTP server that Deep Discovery Analyzer uses to send email notifications with analysis results.
    1. Type the SMTP server host name, IPv4 address, or IPv6 address.
    2. Type the port number used by the SMTP server.
    3. Select the type of security used for the connection.
    4. If the server requires authentication, select SMTP server requires authentication and specify a user name and password.
    5. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test the connection to the SMTP server.
  6. Specify the email subject and message content for the email notification template.

    You can use the "%RiskLevel%" and "%Subject%" tokens in the notification email.

  7. Click Save.