Managed Product Icons

The Product Directory uses the following icons to represent managed products that are registered to the Control Manager server.



Hosted Email Security


Intrusion Defense Firewall Domain

InterScan eManager

InterScan VirusWall NT

InterScan VirusWall Unix

InterScan WebProtect

InterScan Web Security as a Service

Network VirusWall

OfficeScan Corporate Edition

OfficeScan Corporate Edition Domain

Partner Security Integration

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange Cluster

ServerProtect Information Server for NetWare

ServerProtect Information Server for Windows

ServerProtect Information Server for Windows Domain

ServerProtect for NetWare (Normal Server)

ServerProtect for Windows (Normal Server)

ServerProtect for Windows Domain

Control Manager Cascading Server

Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption Domain

Worry-Free Business Security Services

Worry-Free Business Security Services Domain