Using Directory Management

Use the Directory Management screen to organize your Product Directory structure.

Control Manager prevents multiple users from unknowingly making changes at the same time through use of a function-locking mechanism. Control Manager informs you if another user is already using the Directory Management screen. If you still want to make changes to the Product Directory and possibly affect the other user's changes, click Break to immediately access the screen.


Changing the Product Directory structure may affect how Control Manager users can access the managed products. User Accounts have specific access permissions assigned based on Product Directory folders.

For more information, see User Accounts.

  1. Go to Directories > Products.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Click the Directory Management button.

    The Directory Management screen appears.

  3. Enable the Keep the current user access permissions when moving managed products/folders check box if you want to maintain the current user access permissions for all managed products.

    If you disable this option and move a managed product to a new location, the managed product inherits the permissions of the new folder location.

  4. To organize the Product Directory, you can perform the following tasks:
    • Add Folder: Creates a new custom folder in the Local Folder node

    • Rename: Renames an existing custom folder

    • Delete: Deletes an existing custom folder


      If you delete a custom folder that contains a managed product, Control Manager automatically unregisters the managed product from the Control Manager server.

    • Move managed products or folders: Drag and drop a managed product or folder to a new location


    You cannot rename, delete, or add new products or folders to the "root", Cascading Folder, or New Entity folders.

  5. Click Back to apply changes and return to the Product Directory screen.