Key Features and Benefits

Control Manager provides the following features and benefits.



Operation Center

Use the Operation Center tab to gain instant insights into the antivirus pattern and Data Loss Prevention compliance status, critical threat detections, as well as resolved and unresolved events on your network.


Use the Dashboard tabs and widgets for extensive visibility of managed product and Control Manager information about threat detections, component statuses, policy violations, and more.

User/Endpoint Directory

View detailed information about all the users and endpoints within the Control Manager network and any security threat detections.

Product Directory

System administrators can immediately deploy configuration modifications to managed products or even run a manual scan from the Control Manager web console during a virus/malware outbreak.

Global Policy Management

System administrators can use policies to configure and deploy product settings to managed products and endpoints from a single management console to ensure consistent enforcement of your organization's virus/malware and content security policies.


Use a single management console to view consolidated logs from all registered managed products without having to log on to each individual product console.

Event Notifications

Keep administrators informed of network events at all times by configuring Control Manager to send notifications by email, Windows syslog, SNMP trap, or an in-house or industry-standard application used by your organization.


Create comprehensive reports from custom or static templates to obtain the actionable information you need to ensure network protection and security compliance.

Component Updates

Securely download and deploy antivirus patterns, antispam rules, scan engines, and other antivirus or content security components to help ensure that all managed products are up to date.

Connected Threat Defense

Control Manager brings together a host of Trend Micro products and solutions to help you detect, analyze, and respond to targeted attacks and advanced threats before they unleash lasting damage.

Secure communication infrastructure

Control Manager uses a communications infrastructure built on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and can even encrypt messages with authentication.

Role-based Administration

Grant and control access to the Control Manager web console by assigning specific web console privileges to administrators and providing only the tools and permissions necessary to perform specific tasks.

Command Tracking

Command Tracking allows you to continuously monitor whether commands executed using the Control Manager web console, such as antivirus pattern updates and component deployment, have successfully completed.

License management

Deploy new Activation Codes or reactivate existing Activation Codes on managed products.

Security Agent installation

Create and download Security Agent installation packages for OfficeScan or Trend Micro Security (for Mac) directly from the Control Manager console.