User or Endpoint Importance

Assigning importance to groups of users and endpoints allows you to quickly monitor and respond to threats against these targets from the Dashboard screen. Control Manager provides several widgets that highlight threat events for "important" users and endpoints. You may want to apply stricter policies to important users or endpoints and constantly monitor their protection status.

You must first assign custom tags, or create custom filters, to identify the important users or endpoints. After identifying the important users or endpoints on your network, you can assign the "important" tag to provide greater visibility on the Dashboard.

For more information see Custom Tags and Filters.

  • By default, importance is assigned to "Domain Admins" (users) and "Domain Controllers" (endpoints).

  • Manually assign importance to users/endpoints grouped using custom tags and filters.

  • All users with access to the User/Endpoint Directory can assign or remove importance.

  1. Go to Directories > Users/Endpoints.
  2. Expand the Importance node under Users or Endpoints in the tree.
  3. Click Important and click the edit icon ().
  4. On the screen that displays:
    • Assign importance by selecting one or several custom tags or custom filters, and then click Save.

    • Remove importance by clearing one or several custom tags or custom filters, and then click Save.

    The table in the main screen is updated with the list of endpoints or users that match the custom tags or custom filters.

    For details about the table columns and the data they contain, see User Details.