Troubleshooting Active Directory Synchronization

Active Directory synchronization allows Control Manager to obtain user information (such as site and reporting line information) from Active Directory servers.

If an Active Directory related error appears on the Dashboard screen, refer to the following table for troubleshooting solutions.



Incorrect user name or password

  • Ensure that you specified the correct account information.

  • Verify that the user account has privileges to access the Active Directory server.

    For assistance, contact the Active Directory administrator.

Unable to connect to the Active Directory server

  • Ensure that you have configured the correct Active Server connection settings.

    For more information, see Configuring Active Directory Connection Settings.

  • Check that the Active Directory server is available.

  • Check your network connection and firewall settings.

  • Ensure that both the Control Manager and Active Directory servers can establish communication with one another.

    To test your Control Manager connection to Active Directory servers, click Test Connection on the Active Directory and Compliance Settings screen.

Unable to access the Control Manager database

Ensure that the connection to the Control Manager database is present.

For more information, see Understanding the Control Manager Database.

If the connection issue persists, contact Support.

For more information, see Technical Support.