Device Access Control Information

Provides specific information about events on your network that are related to Device Access Control.

Table 1. Device Access Control Information Data View




Displays the time that Control Manager receives data from the managed product


Displays the time that the managed product generates data

Product Entity/Endpoint

This data column displays one of the following:

  • The entity display name for a managed product. Control Manager identifies managed products using the managed product's entity display name

  • The IP address or host name of a computer with an agent (for example OfficeScan agent) installed


Displays the name of the managed product

Example: OfficeScan

Target Process

Displays the process the violation has targeted

File Name

Displays the name of the file

Device Type

Displays the type of device accessed


Displays the permission type


Displays the name of the user that was logged on to the endpoint when the managed product detected the event