Introducing Control Manager Features

Trend Micro designed Control Manager to manage antivirus and content security products and services deployed across an organization’s local and wide area networks.

Table 1. Control Manager Features



Policy management

System administrators can use policies to configure and deploy product settings to managed products and endpoints from a single management console.

Centralized configuration

Using the Product Directory and cascading management structure, these functions allow you to coordinate virus-response and content security efforts from a single management console.

These features help ensure consistent enforcement of your organization's virus/malware and content security policies.

Proactive outbreak prevention

With Outbreak Prevention Services (OPS), take proactive steps to secure your network against an emerging virus/malware outbreak.

Secure communication infrastructure

Control Manager uses a communications infrastructure built on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Depending on the security settings used, Control Manager can encrypt messages or encrypt them with authentication.

Secure configuration and component download

These features allow you to configure secure web console access and component download.

Task delegation

System administrators can give personalized accounts with customized privileges to Control Manager web console users.

User accounts define what the user can see and do on a Control Manager network. Track account usage through user logs.

Command Tracking

This feature allows you to monitor all commands executed using the Control Manager web console.

Command Tracking is useful for determining whether Control Manager has successfully performed long-duration commands, like virus pattern update and deployment.

On-demand product control

Control managed products in real time.

Control Manager immediately sends configuration modifications made on the web console to the managed products. System administrators can run manual scans from the web console. This command system is indispensable during a virus/malware outbreak.

Centralized update control

Update virus patterns, antispam rules, scan engines, and other antivirus or content security components to help ensure that all managed products are up to date.

Centralized reporting

Get an overview of the antivirus and content security product performance using comprehensive logs and reports.

Control Manager collects logs from all its managed products; you no longer need to check the logs of each individual product.