Scan Action Options and Additional Settings

When configuring the scan action, select from the following options:



Use ActiveAction

ActiveAction is a set of pre-configured scan actions for different types of security risks. If you are unsure which scan action is suitable for a certain type of security risk, Trend Micro recommends using ActiveAction.

ActiveAction settings are constantly updated in the pattern files to protect computers against the latest security risks and the latest methods of attacks.

Use the same action for all security risk types

Select this option if you want the same action performed on all types of security risks, except probable virus/malware. For Probable Virus/Malware, the action is always "Pass".

If you choose "Clean" as the first action, select a second action that Trend Micro Security (for Mac) performs if cleaning is unsuccessful. If the first action is not "Clean", no second action is configurable.

For details about scan actions, see Scan Actions.

Additional Real-time Scan Settings



Display a notification message when a security risk is detected

When Trend Micro Security (for Mac) detects a security risk during Real-time Scan, it can display a notification message to inform the user about the detection.

Scheduled Scan Privileges

If Scheduled Scan is enabled on the Mac computer, users can postpone and skip/stop Scheduled Scan.



Postpone Scheduled Scan

Users with the "Postpone Scheduled Scan" privilege can perform the following actions:

  • Postpone Scheduled Scan before it runs and then specify the postpone duration. Scheduled Scan can only be postponed once.

  • If Scheduled Scan is in progress, users can stop scanning and restart it later. Users then specify the amount of time that should elapse before scanning restarts. When scanning restarts, all previously scanned files are scanned again. Scheduled Scan can be stopped and then restarted only once.

Configure the number of hours and minutes, which corresponds to:

  • The maximum postpone duration

  • The maximum amount of time that should elapse before scanning restarts

Skip and Stop Scheduled Scan

This privilege allows users to perform the following actions:

  • Skip Scheduled Scan before it runs

  • Stop Scheduled Scan when it is in progress

Additional Scheduled Scan Settings



Display a notification before Scheduled Scan runs

When you enable this option, a notification message displays on the Mac computer several minutes before Scheduled Scan runs. Users are notified of the scan schedule (date and time) and their Scheduled Scan privileges, such as postponing, skipping, or stopping Scheduled Scan.

Configure the timing for displaying the notification message, in number of minutes.

Automatically stop Scheduled Scan when scanning lasts more than __ hours and __ minutes

The agent stops scanning when the specified amount of time is exceeded and scanning is not yet complete. The agent immediately notifies users of any security risk detected during scanning.