Configuring Client Privileges and Other Settings

Grant users the privileges to modify certain settings and perform high level tasks on the OfficeScan client.


Antivirus settings only appear after activating the OfficeScan Antivirus feature.


To enforce uniform settings and policies throughout the organization, grant limited privileges to users.

  1. On the Privileges tab, configure the following user privileges:
    Table 1. Client Privileges

    Client Privileges


    Roaming Privilege

    OfficeScan Client Roaming Privilege

    Scan Privileges

    Scan Type Privileges

    Scheduled Scan Privileges

    Scheduled Scan Privileges and Other Settings

    Firewall Privileges

    Firewall Privileges

    Behavior Monitoring Privileges

    Behavior Monitoring Privileges

    Mail Scan Privileges

    Mail Scan Privileges and Other Settings

    Toolbox Privileges

    SecureClient Support Installation

    Proxy Setting Privileges

    Proxy Configuration Privileges for Clients

    Component Update Privileges

    Update Privileges and Other Settings for OfficeScan Clients


    Granting the OfficeScan Client Uninstallation Privilege


    Granting the Client Unloading Privilege
  2. Click the Other Settings tab and configure the following settings:
    Table 2. Other Client Settings



    Update Settings

    Update Privileges and Other Settings for OfficeScan Clients

    Web Reputation Settings

    Web Threat Notifications for Client Users

    Behavior Monitoring Settings

    Behavior Monitoring Privileges

    Client Self-protection

    Client Self-protection

    Cache Settings for Scans

    Cache Settings for Scans

    Scheduled Scan Settings

    Granting Scheduled Scan Privileges and Displaying the Privilege Notification

    Client Security Settings

    OfficeScan Client Security

    POP3 Email Scan Settings

    Granting Mail Scan Privileges and Enabling POP3 Mail Scan

    Client Console Access Restriction

    OfficeScan Client Console Access Restriction

    Restart Notification

    Security Risk Notifications for OfficeScan Client Users