Understanding the Directory Management Screen

After registering to Control Manager, the managed product appears in the Product Directory under the default folder.

Use the Directory Management screen to customize the Product Directory organization to suit your administration needs. For example, you can group products by location or product type (messaging security, web security, file storage protection).

The directory allows you to create, modify, or delete folders, and move managed products between folders. You cannot, however, delete nor rename the New entity folder.

Carefully organize the managed products belonging to each folder. Consider the following factors when planning and implementing your folder and managed product structure:

  • Product Directory

  • User Accounts

  • Deployment Plans

  • Ad Hoc Query

  • Control Manager reports

Group managed products according to geographical, administrative, or product-specific reasons. In combination with different access rights used to access managed products or folders in the directory, the following table presents the recommended grouping types as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Table 1. Product Grouping Comparison

Grouping Type



Geographical or Administrative

Clear structure

No group configuration for identical products

Product type

Group configuration and status is available

Access rights may not match

Combination of both

Group configuration and access right management

Complex structure, may not be easy to manage