Issuing Tasks to Managed Products

Use the Tasks menu item to invoke available actions to a specific managed product. Depending on the managed product, all or some of the following tasks are available:

  • Deploy engines

  • Deploy pattern files/cleanup templates

  • Deploy program files

  • Enable or disable Real-time Scan

  • Start Scan Now

Deploy the latest spam rule, pattern, or scan engine to managed products with outdated components. To successfully do so, the Control Manager server must have the latest components from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server. Perform a manual download to ensure that current components are already present in the Control Manager server.

  1. Click Products from the main menu.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Select the managed product or directory to issue a task.
  3. Move the cursor over Tasks.
  4. Click a task from the list. Monitor the progress through Command Tracking. Click the Command Details link at the response screen to view command information.