Activating Managed Products

Activating managed products allows you to use all the features for the product, including downloading updated program components. You can activate managed products after obtaining an Activation Code from your product package or by purchasing one through a Trend Micro reseller.

  1. Navigate to Administration > License Management > Managed Products.

    The License Management screen appears.

  2. Click Add and Deploy.

    The Add and Deploy a New License > Step 1: Input Activation Code screen appears.

  3. Type an Activation Code for the product you want to activate in the New activation code field.
  4. Click Next.

    The Add and Deploy a New License > Step 2: Select Targets screen appears.


    If no products appear in the list, the selected Activation Code does not support any products currently registered to Control Manager. This could mean that the managed product does not support receiving Activation Codes from Control Manager servers.

  5. Select the managed product to which to deploy the Activation Code.
  6. Click Finish.

    The License Management screen appears, with the new Activation Code listed in the table.