Understanding License Management

From the License Management screen, view, manage, and deploy the licenses of all managed products.


Vary the number of Activation Codes the License Management screen displays using the Rows per page feature. The License Management screen can display 10 (default setting), 15, 30, or 50 Activation Codes at a time.

Screen Component


Activation Code

Displays the Activation Code for the managed product.


Displays additional information about the Activation Code.


Displays the number of managed products to which the Activation Code deploys.


Displays the status of the Activation Code:

  • Activated

  • Expired


Displays the type of the Activation Code:

  • Full: Allows full use of the product for the maintenance period (typically 1 year)

  • Trial: Allows full use of the product for the evaluation period (typically 3 months)

Expiration Date

Displays the date the Activation Code expires.

Seat Count

Displays the number of seats the Activation Code allows.