Activating and Registering Managed Products

To use the functionality of Control Manager 6.0, managed products (OfficeScan, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange), and other services (Outbreak Prevention Services), you need to obtain Activation Codes and activate the software or services. Included with the software is a Registration Key. Use that key to register your software online to the Trend Micro Online Registration website and obtain an Activation Code.

As managed products register to Control Manager, the managed products add their Activation Codes to the managed product Activation Code list on the License Management screen. Administrators can add new Activation Codes to the list and redeploy renewed Activation Codes.

All Activation Codes share the following characteristics:

  • Created in real-time during registration

  • Created based on Registration Key information

  • Has an expiration date

  • Product version independent


In previous versions of Control Manager, a serial number was included with the product, and users needed to register online to use all the features of the software.