Setting Access Rights

User access rights determine the controls available to the user in the Product Directory. For example, when you only assign a user the Execute right, then only the options associated with this right appear on the Product Directory.

You can give each user account the following access rights to a product.

Table 1. Control Manager User Account Options




This right permits the user to run commands on managed products in assigned folders. For example:

  • Start Scan Now

  • Deploy pattern files/cleanup templates

  • Enable Real-time Scan

  • Deploy program files

  • Deploy engines

  • Deploy license profiles


This right gives the user access to the configuration consoles of the managed products in the assigned folders. Users with this right can see Configure <managed product> and similar product-specific controls (for example, OfficeScan password configuration features) on their menus.

Edit Directory

This right permits the user to modify the organization of the managed products/directories the user can access.


The options that actually appear also depend on the product’s profile. For example, if a product does not have a scanning function, such as eManager, then the Scan Now control does not appear in the Product Tree Tasks menu.

The User Accounts screen displays the following.

Table 2. User Accounts Screen Contents

Account Information


User ID

The user name of the account user.

Full Name

The full name of the account user.


The Active Directory domain (if any) to which the user belongs.

User Role

The user role assigned to the user (example: Administrator).


The current status of the account.


Upon installation, Control Manager automatically creates a root account.