Adding/Importing a User Account

  1. Navigate to Administration > Account Management > User Accounts.

    The User Accounts screen appears.

  2. Click one of the following buttons to create the account:
    • Add

      The Step 1: User Information screen appears.

    • Import AD Users

      The Import Active Directory Users screen appears. Search for and add users to the Import List. Continue to step 5.

  3. Select Enable this account to enable the Control Manager user.
  4. Select the type of user to add:
    • To add a Trend Micro Control Manager user:

    1. Select Trend Micro Control Manager user.
    2. Provide the following required information to create an account:
      • User name: The name the user will use to log on to the Control Manager web console. For example, OfficeScan_Admin.

      • Full name: The full name of the user. For example, John Smith.

      • Password and Confirm password: Type and confirm your password in the fields provided. All users can change their log on password on the My Account screen.

    3. The following additional information is optional. All users can also change these settings on the My Account screen.
      • Email address: The email address to which the user has notifications delivered.

      • Mobile phone number: The cell phone to which the user has notifications delivered.

      • Pager number: The pager to which the user has notifications delivered. (Precede the pager number with a 9 and a comma "," [each comma causes a 2 second pause])

      • MSN Messenger address: The instant messenger address to which the user has notifications delivered.

    • To add an Active Directory user:


      Active Directory users cannot have their accounts disabled from Control Manager. To disable an Active Directory user, you must disable the account from the Active Directory server.

    1. Select Active Directory user.
    2. Provide the following required information to create an account:
      • User name: The user’s Active Directory identification

      • Domain: The domain to which the user belongs


      User names and domain names can be up to 32 characters in length.

  5. Click Next.

    The Step 2: Access Control screen appears.

  6. Select a default or custom user role from the Select role list. Control Manager provides the following user roles by default:
    • Administrator
    • DLP Compliance Officer
    • DLP Incident Reviewer
    • Operator
    • Power User

    The DLP Compliance Officer and DLP Incident Reviewer roles are available to Active Directory users only.

  7. Select the products or directories the user has access to from Select accessible products/folders.

    Carefully organize the Product Directory for ease of use. Assigning access to a folder allows users to access all of its sub-folders and managed products. You can restrict a user to a single managed product.

  8. Select the rights to assign to the user. These rights determine the actions that the user can perform on managed products.

    Privileges granted to an account cannot exceed those of the grantor. That means you cannot assign a user access rights that are greater than your own. In addition, if you reduce an account's rights, you also reduce all of its child accounts.

  9. Click Finish.