Understanding User Accounts

Administrators can use the functions on the User Accounts screen to assign users clearly defined areas of responsibility by restricting their access rights to certain managed products and limiting the actions that they can perform.


When administrators specify which products a user can access, the administrator is also specifying what information a user can access from Control Manager. The following information is affected: component information, logs, product summary information, security information, and information available for reports and log queries.

Example: Bob and Jane are OfficeScan administrators. Both have identical user role permissions (they have access to the same menu items in the web console). However, Jane oversees operations for all OfficeScan servers. Bob only oversees operations for OfficeScan servers protecting desktops for the Marketing department. The information that they can view in the web console will be very different. Bob logs on and only sees information that is applicable to the OfficeScan servers that his Control Manager user account allows (the OfficeScan servers for the Marketing department). When Jane logs on, she sees information for all OfficeScan servers, because her Control Manager user account grants her access to all OfficeScan servers registered to Control Manager.