Using the DBConfig Tool

The DBConfig tool allows users to change the user account, password, and the database name for the Control Manager database.

The tool offers the following options:

  • DBName: Database name

  • DBAccount: Database account

  • DBPassword: Database password

  • Mode: Database's authentication mode (SQL or Windows authentication)


The default mode is SQL authentication mode, however Windows authentication mode is necessary when configuring for Windows authentication.

  1. From the Control Manager server, click Start > Run.
  2. Type cmd, and then click OK.

    The command prompt screen appears.

  3. Change the directory to the Control Manager root directory (for example, <root>\Program Files\Trend Micro\Control Manager\DBConfig).
  4. Type dbconfig.

    The DBConfig tool interface appears.

  5. Specify which settings you want to modify:
    • Example 1: DBConfig -DBName="db_your_database>" -DBAccount="sqlAct" -DBPassword="sqlPwd" -Mode="SQL"

    • Example 2: DBConfig -DBName="db_your_database>" -DBAccount="winAct" -DBPassword="winPwd" -Mode="WA"

    • Example 3: DBConfig -DBName="db_your_database>" - DBPassword="sqlPwd"