Spam Connection Information

Provides specific information about the source of spam on your network. Example: the managed product that detects the spam violation, the specific action managed products take against spam violations, the total number of spam violations on the network

Table 1. Spam Connection Information Data View




Displays the time that Control Manager receives data from the managed product.


Displays the time that the managed product generates data.

Product Entity

Displays the entity display name for a managed product. Control Manager identifies managed products using the managed product's entity display name.


Displays the name of the managed product.

Example: OfficeScan, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

Source IP

Displays the IP address of the mail server where spam originates.

Filter Type

Displays the type of filter that detects the email in violation.

Example: Real-time Blackhole List (RBL+), Quick IP List (QIL)


Displays the type of action managed products take against spam to prevent spam from entering the email server.

Example: drop connection, bypass connection


Displays the total number of spam violations managed products detect.

Example: A managed product detects 10 violation instances of the same spam on one computer.

Detections = 10