C&C Callback Information

Displays information on C&C callback details. Examples: name of the affected host or email address, type of the C&C list source.

Table 1. C&C Callback Information Data View




Date and time when Control Manager receives data from the managed product


Date and time when the managed product generates data

Compromised Host

Affected host or email address

Callback Address

URL, IP address, or email address to which a compromised host attempts a callback

C&C List Source

Name of the list that contains the callback address

  • Global Intelligence

  • Virtual Analyzer

  • User-defined

Attacker Groups

Names of the attacker groups monitored by Trend Micro

C&C Risk Level

Severity level of the callback

C&C Server Location

Region and country where the C&C server is located

First Monitored

Date and time when the managed product first logged the callback address

Last Activity

Date and time when the managed product last logged the callback address

Malware Families

Malware categories associated with the callback address

Product Entity

Display name for a managed product. Control Manager identifies managed products using the managed product's display name.


Name of the managed product

Examples: OfficeScan, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange