Detailed Product License Information

Displays information about the Activation Code and information on managed products that use the Activation Code. Examples: managed product information, evaluation or full product version, license expiration date

Table 1. Detailed Product License Information Data View



Product Entity

Displays the entity display name for a managed product. Control Manager identifies managed products using the managed product's entity display name.


Displays the name of the managed product. Example: OfficeScan, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

Product Version

Displays the managed product's version number. Example: OfficeScan 10.0, Control Manager 5.0


Displays the name of the managed service. Example: Web Reputation Service

License Status

Displays the status of the license for managed products. Example: Activated, Expired, In grace period

Product Type

Displays the type of managed product the Activation Code provides. Example: Trial version, Full version

Activation Code

Displays the Activation Code for managed products.

License Expiration

Displays the date the license expires for the managed product.


Displays the number of seats the Activation Code allows.


Displays the description for the Activation Code.