Understanding Trend Micro Services

Trend Micro recognized that a new approach to antivirus management was needed to significantly reduce the threat and costs of virus attacks. After considerable research and testing, Trend Micro has redefined virus protection (moving beyond reactive, point products to a proactive, centralized protection system that enables a rapid, methodical response to any attack on any system) from Internet gateways to PCs, file servers, and email servers.

The Trend Micro integrated approach to virus protection begins when an administrator sends a virus sample to TrendLabs where a targeted prevention policy (a pre-pattern file recommendation) is created to contain the outbreak and prevent spreading. When Control Manager retrieves this information, system administrators can use Outbreak Prevention Services to quickly understand the scope of the attack and take effective interim steps against it without jeopardizing business productivity by having to shut down a port. They can also quickly disseminate Outbreak Prevention Policy recommendations to other system administrators within the enterprise who may be hit with the same problem.

This proactive response—the ability to incorporate antivirus knowledge throughout the network and have real-time visibility into all virus-related events as they happen—can only be accomplished with central management. The rapid identification services and delivery systems shorten the time to containment, thereby limiting the spread of the virus. This process minimizes the effect of the virus on the productivity of the enterprise, as well as dramatically reducing the costs of cleanup.