Understanding Outbreak Prevention Services

Figure 1. Outbreak Prevention Services

The Outbreak Prevention phase refers to the critical period when managed products have identified a virus outbreak, but before a pattern file has become available. During this crucial time, system administrators must endure a chaotic, time-consuming process of communication—often to global and decentralized groups within their organizations.

Outbreak Prevention Services deliver notification of new threats and continuous and comprehensive updates on system status as an attack progresses. The timely delivery of detailed virus data coupled with pre-defined, threat-specific action and scanning policies delivered immediately after a new threat identification allows enterprises to quickly contain viruses and prevent them from spreading.

Additionally, by centrally deploying and managing policy recommendations, Outbreak Prevention Services helps eliminate the potential for miscommunication, applies policies, and deploys critical attack information as it is happening.

By providing automatic or manual download and deployment of policies through Trend Micro Control Manager, Outbreak Prevention Services import knowledge to critical access points on the network directly from experts at TrendLabs, Trend Micro’s global security research and support network.

This subscription-based service requires minimal up-front investment and provides enterprise-wide coordination and outbreak management through Trend Micro products which reside across critical points on the network including the Internet gateway, mail server, file server, caching server, client, remote and broadband user.