Viewing Outbreak Prevention Mode History

This Outbreak Prevention Services feature allows you to view applied Outbreak Prevention Policies. The History screen shows the following information:

Table 1. History Screen Information




Indicates the order in which the tasks were performed; a lower the number indicates a newer task


The virus or malware that caused the outbreak

Started by

The user name of the Control Manager user that applied the policy

Outbreak Prevention Mode Duration

Indicates how long Outbreak Prevention Mode was active.

The starting time appears on the left, the completion (or abort) time is on the right.


Indicates the results of the task.

To view the result or status of a task, click View beside the task.


The number of detected viruses by OPP during the OPS. If no viruses are detected, no data appears under Report.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Outbreak Prevention Services > History.

    The History screen appears.

  2. To view the status of a specific Outbreak Prevention Policy, click View in the same row.

    The status screen displays the number of viruses detected by your antivirus products.