Editing an Outbreak Prevention Policy

After you have started Outbreak Prevention Mode, modify Outbreak Prevention Policies to suit your network needs. For example, you could:

  • Change the duration of the length of Outbreak Prevention Mode

  • Choose a different deployment plan

  • Permit specified port numbers

  • Configure registered managed product settings

  1. Navigate to Administration > Outbreak Prevention Services > Policies.

    The Outbreak Prevention Services screen appears.

    This page automatically refreshes to make sure the top threat and status information is current.

  2. On the working area, click Edit Policy.
  3. Under Outbreak Prevention Policy, in the Policy in effect for list, choose the number of days that Control Manager continues in Outbreak Prevention Mode.
  4. From the Deployment Plan list, choose a plan to deploy the Outbreak Prevention Policies to the managed products (to view/edit or add deployment plans, move the cursor over Updates, and then click Deployment Plan).
  5. Under Outbreak Prevention Policy Details, select Do not block permitted port numbers specified in the Outbreak Prevention settings to ensure ports defined as exceptions are not blocked.
  6. Configure managed product settings or click Recommended Settings.

    When you click Recommended Settings, the TrendLabs recommended settings are applied and any user-defined settings are removed. If necessary, based on the latest information, these recommendations are updated with each Outbreak Prevention Policy release. Trend Micro recommends you apply the recommended settings.

  7. Click Activate.