Setting Automatic Outbreak Prevention Mode

Outbreaks can occur anytime. Automatic Outbreak Prevention can automatically deploy Outbreak Prevention Policies for red or yellow alert viruses to managed products and send notifications.

Table 1. Virus Alert Criteria

Virus Alert


Criteria for Red Alert Viruses

Several infection reports from each business unit reporting rapidly spreading malware, where gateways and email message servers may need to be patched.

The industry's first 45-minute Red Alert solution process is started: An official pattern release (OPR) is deployed with notification of its availability, any other relevant notifications are sent out, and fix tools and information regarding vulnerabilities are posted on the download pages.

Criteria for Yellow Alert Viruses

Infection reports are received from several business units as well as support calls confirming scattered instances. An official pattern release (OPR) is automatically pushed to deployment servers and made available for download.

In case of an email-spreading malware, content filtering rules, called Outbreak Prevention Policies (OPP), are sent out to automatically block related attachments on servers equipped with the product functionality.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Outbreak Prevention Services > Settings.

    The Outbreak Prevention Services Settings screen appears.

    This page automatically refreshes to make sure the top threat and status information is current.

  2. Click the Automatic Outbreak Prevention Mode tab.
  3. Do the following:
    • To set Automatic Outbreak Prevention Mode for red alert viruses, under Red Alert Viruses, select Enable automatic outbreak prevention.

    • To set Automatic Outbreak Prevention Mode for yellow alert viruses, under Yellow Alert Viruses, select Enable automatic outbreak prevention.

  4. From the Prevention duration list, choose the number of days that Outbreak Prevention Mode is active.
  5. From the Deployment plan list, choose a plan to deploy the Outbreak Prevention Policies to the managed products.
  6. Do the following:
    • Under Excluded products, select managed products that will not receive Outbreak Prevention Policies.


      These products will not benefit from Outbreak Prevention Services and will have a greater chance of becoming infected during outbreaks.

    • Under Permitted ports, specify ports that Control Manager will keep open during an outbreak.

    • Select Stop OPP automatically after the prevention duration expires to automatically stop OPP.

  7. Click Save.