Understanding Enterprise Protection Strategy

Figure 1. Enterprise Protection Strategy

Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS) arms businesses with industry-specific services and support to wage war against mixed-threat attacks with confidence.

  • Proactive services combat viruses by containing infiltration and cleaning potential attackers hiding in systems

  • Industry’s only Virus Response Service Level Agreement guarantees virus detection

  • EPS architecture exports Trend Micro’s ‘think-tank’ of antivirus knowledge and support to vulnerable points on the network

EPS establishes a ‘command center’ to help identify and defend all vulnerabilities within the enterprise.

  • Enterprise-wide policy coordination and reporting

  • Heterogeneous platform support

EPS provides a battle plan during an attack while minimizing casualties and damage.

  • Virus Outbreak Lifecycle approach– industry unique and based on real customer experience

  • Enterprise-wide coordination identifies network vulnerabilities and helps enable customers to proactively attack outbreaks

  • Focus on the critical stages before and after pattern file deployment manages explosive costs and system damage