Step 3: Starting Outbreak Prevention Mode

Start Outbreak Prevention Mode to apply the policy that corresponds to the virus outbreak. After Control Manager has entered Outbreak Prevention Mode, you can evaluate product-setting recommendations from Trend Micro and modify them to suit your network. Policies implement product settings that block known virus-entry points.

When TrendLabs deploys an Outbreak Prevention Policy, it is very likely that they are still testing the appropriate virus pattern. The Outbreak Prevention Policy settings, therefore allow you to protect your network during the critical period before TrendLabs releases a new pattern.

Before you start Outbreak Prevention Mode, set outbreak recipients and the notification method in the Event Center.

Considerations for Starting Outbreak Prevention

To start outbreak prevention, answer the following questions:

  • How long do you want this policy to be active?

    Specify how long the policy will remain active at the Policy in effect for list. The duration starts from the time you start Outbreak Prevention Mode. By default, Outbreak Prevention Policies remain active for two days.


    If you edit the policy, Control Manager resets and starts the duration on the day you applied the changes.

  • How to deploy the policy?

    Select an appropriate Deployment Plan for this stage. The plan determines which segments of the Product Directory will receive the settings contained in the policy.


    If none of the existing Deployment Plans suits your needs, create a new plan. See Understanding Deployment Plans.

  • Which entry points do you want this policy to block?

    The products involved in this stage are:

    • InterScan eManager

    • InterScan WebProtect for ICAP

    • InterScan Messaging Security Suite for Windows

    • InterScan Messaging Security Suite for UNIX/IMSA/Solaris

    • InterScan Web Security Suite for Windows/Solaris/Linux/Appliance

    • InterScan Gateway Security Appliance

    • InterScan VirusWall for Windows/Linux

    • Network VirusWall

    • PortalProtect

    • ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

    • ScanMail for Lotus Notes/ScanMail for Domino

    • IM Security for Microsoft Live Communications Server

    • ServerProtect for Windows

    • ServerProtect for Linux

    • OfficeScan Corporate Edition

    • Firewall Management-NetScreen

    If settings for a particular product are included in the policy, then Control Manager automatically selects the product's check box.


    If any of the above products do not belong to your Control Manager network, Control Manager ignores the settings for those products.

Evaluating or Modifying Any of the Product Settings

  1. Click the product's link or the + icon to view its settings.

  2. To view the settings for all the products, click Expand All. Trend Micro recommendations appear in non-editable fields on the right side of the screen.

  3. Modify the settings to suit your needs.