Understanding Cascading Management

Control Manager Advanced provides a cascading management structure, which allows control of multiple Control Manager servers, known as child servers, from a single parent server.

A parent server is a Control Manager server that manages Standard or Advanced Edition Control Manager servers, referred to as child servers. A child server is a Control Manager server managed by a parent server.


Control Manager 6.0 Advanced supports the following as child Control Manager servers:

  • Control Manager 6.0 Advanced

  • Control Manager 5.5 Advanced

  • Control Manager 5.0 Advanced

Control Manager 5.0/5.5/6.0 Standard servers cannot be child servers.

Table 1. Parent and Child Server Feature Comparison
Feature Available in Parent Available in Child

Support two-tier cascading structure

Manage Advanced servers


Administer managed products

Handle multiple child servers


Issue global tasks


Create global reports


A parent server cannot register itself to another parent server. In addition, both parent and child servers cannot perform dual roles (become a parent and child server at the same time).

The Product Directory structure, using the Control Manager web console, allows system administrators to manage, monitor, and perform the following actions on all child servers belonging to a parent server:

  • Using Control Manager widgets, monitor the Antivirus, Content Security, and Web Security summaries

  • Query logs

  • Initiate tasks

  • View reports

  • Access the child server web console

The Product Directory structure can effectively manage your organization's antivirus and content security products (nationwide or worldwide).