Updating the Policy Templates

The Policy Template Settings screen lists the following components available for administrators to enable or upgrade:

  • Policy Management Framework: The overall policy structure

  • Product Support: The setting templates for managed products and endpoints


To check the product versions that support policy management, move the mouse cursor over the information icon in the Template Version column.

  1. Download the latest Control Manager widget pool and policy templates (for Control Manager 6.0 and later) component.

    A blue notification appears on the top of the Dashboard and Policy Management screens.

  2. Click Update Now in the notification box on either of the screens.
  3. Click OK when the update completes.

    The screen refreshes and the logon screen appears.

  4. Log on to the web console.
  5. Navigate to Policies > Policy Resources > Policy Template Settings.

    The Policy Template Settings screen appears.

  6. Click Update <version number> in the Policy framework row.
  7. To add a new policy template, click Enable in the Action column.

    Administrators can then select the new setting templates from the Product list on the Policy Management screen.

  8. To update an existing template, click Update <version number> in the Action column.

    To see more information about the update, click Details in the Action column.

    Once the update completes, administrators can check the updated features by editing existing policies. Under the Settings section, a red message appears next to the new feature title.