Understanding Policy Types

Control Manager provides three types of policies administrators can create. Each policy type differs in the target selection method, which affects how a policy works. The policy list arranges the policy types in the order as described in the following table.

Table 1. Policy Types

Policy Type



  • Uses the search or browse function to locate specific targets and manually assigns them to the policy

  • Useful when administrators plan to deploy specific settings only to a certain targets

  • Remains static on the top of the policy list and takes priority over any filtered policies


  • Uses a filter to automatically assign current and future targets to the policy

  • Useful for deploying standard settings to a group of targets

  • Administrators can change the priority of filtered policies in the policy list

  • See Assigning Endpoints to Filtered Policies for more information on how Control Manager assign targets to filtered policies

  • When an administrator reorders the policy list, Control Manager re-assigns the targets to different filtered policies based on the target criteria and the user roles of each policy creator.

  • The filtered policy type is only available for managingOfficeScan settings.


Allows administrators to save policy settings as a draft without selecting any targets. Control Manager saves draft policies with the lowest priority at the bottom of the list.