Understanding the Policy List

The policy list displays the information and status of policies created by all users. When a new endpoint registers to Control Manager, it goes through the filtered policies in the list in descending order. Control Manager assigns the new endpoint to a filtered policy when the following conditions are both satisfied:

  • The new endpoint matches the target criteria of the policy

  • The policy creator has the permission to manage the new endpoint

The following table describes the items in the policy list.

Table 1. Policy List

Menu Item



Displays the priority of the policies.

  • Control Manager lists policies from the highest to the lowest priority.

  • When administrators create a filtered policy, Control Manager saves the new policy as the lowest priority policy.

  • A specified policy takes priority over any filtered policies and remains on the top of the list. Administrators cannot reorder specified policies.

  • Control Manager places draft policies at the bottom of the list.


Displays the name of the policy.


Displays how administrators select targets for the policy.

  • Specified: Uses the browse or search function to select specific targets for the policy. Specified policies remain static on the top of the policy list and take priority over filtered policies.

  • Filtered: Uses a filter to automatically assign current and future endpoints to the policy. Administrators can rearrange the priority of filtered policies.

  • None: The policy creator saved the policy as a draft without selecting any targets.


Displays the number of targets that have applied the policy settings.


Displays the number of targets that have not applied the policy settings. Click the pending number to check the policy status.


Displays the user who created the policy.

Endpoints/Products without policies

Displays the number of managed products or endpoints to which Control Manager has not assigned a policy.

Total endpoints/products

Displays the number of managed products or endpoints available for policy management.


The numbers in Deployed, Pending, Endpoints/Products without policies, and Total endpoints/products only reflect the endpoints

or managed products an administrator has the permissions to manage.