Understanding Policy Management

Policy management allows administrators to enforce product settings on managed products and endpoints from a single management console. Administrators create a policy by selecting the targets and configuring a list of product settings.

A policy consists of the following items:

  • Policy name

  • Targets

    Administrators can manually select targets or use a filter to automatically assign targets to their policies. The target selection method determines the policy type and how the policy works. See Understanding Policy Types for more information about policy types.

    To include a managed product or endpoint as the target, make sure the product version of the managed product or endpoint supports policy management in Control Manager. The Policy Template Settings screen contains information about supported product versions.

  • Settings

    Once Control Manager deploys a policy to the targets, the settings defined in the policy overwrite the existing settings in the targets. Control Manager enforces the policy settings in the targets every 24 hours. Although local administrators can make changes to the settings from the managed product console, the changes are overwritten every time Control Manager enforces the policy settings.

    • Since policy enforcement only occurs every 24 hours, the product settings in the targets may not align with the policy settings if local administrators make changes through the managed product console between the enforcement period.

    • Policy settings deployed to IMSVA servers take priority over the existing settings on the target servers instead of overwriting them. IMSVA servers save these policy settings on the top of the list.

    • If an OfficeScan client assigned with a Control Manager policy has been moved to another OfficeScan domain, the client settings will temporarily change to the ones defined by that OfficeScan domain. Once Control Manager enforces the policy again, the client settings will comply with the policy settings.

    For certain product settings, Control Manager needs to obtain specific setting options from the managed products. If administrators select multiple targets for a policy, Control Manager can only obtain the setting options from the first selected target. To ensure a successful policy deployment, make sure the product settings are synchronized across the targets.


To perform policy management on a new managed product or endpoint, move the managed product from the New Entity folder to another folder in the Product Directory.