Understanding Event Center

Events refer to actions detected by a managed product and relayed to the Control Manager server. The Event Center enables you to set notifications for different events.

The Event Center categorizes events according to the following types:

Table 1. Event Center Events

Event Types



Provides warning about viruses/spyware/grayware detected by antivirus managed products. For more information, see Alert Events.

Outbreak Prevention Services

Provides information about policy application and update information about Outbreak Prevention Services (OPS).

Outbreak Prevention Services notification types group the following service events:

  • Active Outbreak Prevention Policy received

  • Outbreak Prevention Mode started

  • Outbreak Prevention Mode stopped

  • Outbreak Prevention Policy update unsuccessful

  • Outbreak Prevention Policy update successful


Provides "Violation Statistics" event notification for Network VirusWall products.


Provides antivirus and content security component update results (successful or unsuccessful). For more information, see Update Alert Events.


Provides information about product options or service activation and deactivation. For more information, see Unusual Alert Events.

Security Violation

Provides warning about email message content violations and client Web violations. For more information, see Security Violation Events.

Data Loss Prevention

Provides information about Data Loss Prevention incidents and template matches. For more information, see Data Loss Prevention Events.