Understanding Managed Product Logs

Managed product logs contain information about the performance of your managed products. You can obtain information for specific products or groups of products administered by the parent or child server. With Control Manager’s data query on logs and data filtering capabilities, administrators can focus on the information they need.


More logs mean abundant information about the Control Manager network. However, these logs occupy disk space. You must balance the need for information with your available system resources.

Managed products generate different kinds of logs depending on their function.

Table 1. Managed Product Logs

Log Category


Product Information

Product information logs provide information on subjects ranging from user access and events on managed products to component deployment and update status.

  • Managed Product Information

  • Component Information

Security Threat Information

Security threat logs provide information on known and potential security threats detected on your network.

  • Virus/Malware Information

  • Spyware/Grayware Information

  • Content Violation Information

  • Spam Violation Information

  • Policy/Rule Violation Information

  • Web Violation/Reputation Information

  • Suspicious Threat Information

  • Overall Threat Information

Data Protection Information

Data Protection logs provide information on DLP incidents, template matches, and incident sources.

  • Data Loss Prevention Information