Working with Saved and Shared Ad Hoc Queries

Control Manager supports saving an Ad Hoc Query a user creates. Saved Ad Hoc Queries appear on the Saved Ad Hoc Queries screen. The Saved Ad Hoc Queries screen contains two tabs: My Queries and Available Queries.

The My Queries section of the Saved Ad Hoc Queries screen displays all Ad Hoc Queries the logged on user created. From the My Queries tab, the user can add, edit, view, delete, export, and share/unshare queries. Sharing saved queries makes the queries available to other users.


Control Manager access control, provided by the user account and user role, restricts the information to which a user has access. This means that even though all users can view shared queries, access control limits the effectiveness of the query.

Example: OfficeScan administrator Chris creates and shares an Ad Hoc Query that targets OfficeScan server information. ScanMail for Exchange administrator Sam has access to the shared query, but if she tries to generate an Ad Hoc Query using Chris’ query, the query returns blank. This occurs because Sam does not have access to OfficeScan server information. This example assumes Chris only has access to OfficeScan servers and Sam only has access to ScanMail for Exchange servers.