Understanding Ad Hoc Queries

An Ad Hoc Query is a direct request to the Control Manager database for information. The query uses data views to narrow the request and improve performance. After specifying the data view, users can further narrow their search by specifying filtering criteria for the request.


For more information on data views see Understanding Data Views.

For example, Chris, an OfficeScan administrator, wants to check the status of pattern files for the OfficeScan servers for which she is responsible. Chris first selects Managed Products. She then selects the data view Managed Product Pattern File Status found under Product Information > Component Information. Proceeding to the next step in the process, she specifies the filtering criteria as follows: Product Type: OfficeScan, Pattern Status: Out-of-date. Clicking Change column display, Chris also selects the fields the query displays after the query completes. Chris selects the following to display: Pattern Version, Host Name, IP Address. She does not select Product Name or Pattern Status, because she already knows the results that Control Manager returns meet that criteria.


Saving an Ad Hoc Query saves only the criteria specified for the query. The data an Ad Hoc Query returns does not save. To save the data, export the query results or create a report using a grid table.