Querying Log Data

Ad Hoc Queries provide administrators with a quick method to pull information directly from the Control Manager database. The database contains all information collected from all products registered to the Control Manager server (log aggregation can affect the data available to query). Ad Hoc Queries provide a very powerful tool for administrators.

While querying data, administrators can filter the query criteria so only the data they need returns. Administrators can then export the data to CSV or XML format for further analysis or save the query for future use. Control Manager also supports sharing saved queries with other users so others can benefit from useful queries.

Completing an Ad Hoc query consists of the following process:

  • Step 1: Select the managed product or current Control Manager server for the query

  • Step 2: Select the data view to query

  • Step 3: Specify filtering criteria and the specific information that displays

  • Step 4: Save and complete the query

  • Step 5: Export the data to a CSV or XML file


Control Manager supports sharing saved Ad Hoc Queries with other users. Saved and shared queries appear on the Saved Ad Hoc Queries screen.