Querying and Viewing Commands

Use the Command Tracking Query screen to track and view previously issued commands.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Command Tracking.

    The Command Tracking screen appears.

  2. On the working area, click Query.

    The Query (Command Tracking) screen appears.

  3. On the Query (Command Tracking) screen, specify values for the following parameters:
    • Issued: Specify the time range for the query

      Choose among the predetermined ranges, or specify your own range.

    • Start date/End date: Set the custom range based on months, days, or years

    • Command: Select the command to monitor

    • User: Provide the user account name to query. Leave this field blank to query commands issued by all users

    • Status: Select the command status

    • Sort records by: Specify how the Query Result screen will display results

      Arrange the query results according to Time, Command, or User.

    • Sort order: Specify whether the Query Result screen will display results in ascending or descending order

  4. Click View Commands.

    The Query Result (Command Tracking) screen shows the number of products affected by the command, as well as the results.

  5. Click the available link in the Successful, Unsuccessful, In Progress, or All column to view the specified Command Details.