Understanding the Control Manager Database

Control Manager uses the Microsoft SQL Server database (db_ControlManager.mdf) to store data included in logs, Communicator schedule, managed product and child server information, user account, network environment, and notification settings.

The Control Manager server establishes the database connection using a System DSN ODBC connection. The Control Manager installation generates this connection as well as the ID and password used to access db_ControlManager.mdf. The default ID is sa. Control Manager encrypts the password.

To maximize the SQL server security, configure any SQL account used to manage db_ControlManager with the following minimum permissions:

  • dbcreator for the server role

  • db_owner for the db_ControlManager role

A major contributor to database expansion is the eManager managed product. An average eManager log is about 3,000 bytes. For example:

Given a low-volume of email traffic environment (for example, 100 msg per 10-hour per day), if eManager blocks 1,250 messages each day, there would be 1,250 x 3,000 or 3,750,000 bytes per day in the Security Content Violation log.

The required database expansion in this case would be 5MB per day or 150MB per month.

All other Trend Micro products managed by Control Manager would only generate a database growth of approximately a few kilobytes per day per system.

Because the Control Manager database runs on a scalable database — SQL Server, the theoretical limit is whatever the hardware can handle. Trend Micro has tested up to 2,000,000 entries. If the database server performance is overworked or pushed to its limit, the web console may experience connection time-outs.