Adding Widgets

The number of widgets that you can add to a tab depends on the layout for the tab. Once the tab contains the maximum number of widgets, you must remove a widget from the tab or create a new tab for the widget.

  1. Navigate to any tab on the dashboard.
  2. Click Add Widget.

    The Add Widget screen appears.

  3. Click one of the following to filter the widgets that display:



    Most Recent Widgets

    Displays only the latest widgets available

    All Widgets

    Displays all widgets available


    Displays only widgets that contain compliance information (example: component compliance, product application compliance)

    Data Loss Prevention

    Displays only Data Loss Prevention widgets

    Deep Security Manager

    Displays only Deep Security Manager widgets

    Endpoint Encryption

    Displays only Endpoint Encryption widgets

    Policy Management

    Displays only Policy Management widgets

    Smart Protection Network

    Displays only Smart Protection Network widgets

    Threat Statistics

    Displays only widgets that contain threat statistic information (example: top threats in your network, total number of threats in your network)

    Control Manager

    Displays only Control Manager widgets

    Smart Protection Server

    Displays only Smart Protection Server widgets

  4. Select one or more widgets to add to a tab.
  5. Click Add.