Understanding Widgets

Widgets are the core components for the dashboard. Tabs provide the layout and widgets provide the actual data for the dashboard.


Customizing the dashboard, tabs, or widgets for one user account has no effect on the dashboard, tabs, or widgets for a different user account. Each user account has a completely independent dashboard, tabs, and widgets from every other user account.

Download the Control Manager widget pool (under Product programs and widget pool on the Manual Download and Scheduled Download screens) periodically to check for new or updated widgets.

The data a widget displays comes from one of the following places:

  • Control Manager database

  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

  • Managed products added to the Dashboard Server Visibility list

Smart Feedback must be enabled to display data for widgets that include data from Smart Protection Network.

The data a widget displays is controlled in two ways:

Table 1. Widget Data



User account

A user’s account grants or restricts access to any managed product registered to Control Manager.


The data scope on many widgets can be individually configured.

This means a user can further specify the data source location for the widget.

Example: An OfficeScan administrator, who manages multiple OfficeScan servers, could create one tab and add widgets that display data for only one OfficeScan server.