Configuring Scheduled Download Schedule and Frequency

Specify how often Control Manager obtains component updates at the Schedule and Frequency group.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Scheduled Download.

    The Scheduled Download screen appears.

  2. From the Component Category area select the components to download.
    1. Click the + icon to expand the component list for each component group.
    2. Select the components to download. To select all components for a group, select:
      • All Pattern files/Cleanup templates

      • All Antispam rules

      • All Engines

      • OfficeScan Plug-in Programs

      • Product programs and widget pool

        The Component Name> screen appears. Where Component Name> is the name of the component you selected.

  3. Under Schedule and frequency:
    1. Define the download schedule. Select a frequency, and use the appropriate drop down menu to specify the desired schedule. You may schedule a download every minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
    2. Use the Start time drop-down menus to specify the date and time the schedule starts to take effect.
  4. Click Save.