Configuring Scheduled Download Automatic Deployment Settings

Use the Automatic deployment settings group to set how Control Manager deploys updates.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Scheduled Download.

    The Scheduled Download screen appears.

  2. From the Component Category area select the components to download.
    1. Click the + icon to expand the component list for each component group.
    2. Select the components to download. To select all components for a group, select:
      • All Pattern files/Cleanup templates

      • All Antispam rules

      • All Engines

      • OfficeScan Plug-in Programs

      • Product programs and widget pool

        The Component Name> screen appears. Where Component Name> represents the name of the selected component.

  3. Select when to deploy downloaded components from the Automatic deployment settings area. The options are:
    • Do not deploy: Components download to Control Manager, but do not deploy to managed products. Use this option under the following conditions:

      • Deploying to the managed products individually

      • Testing the updated components before deployment

    • Deploy immediately: Components download to Control Manager, then deploy to managed products

    • Based on deployment plan: Components download to Control Manager, but deploy to managed products based on the schedule you select

    • When new updates found: Components download to Control Manager when new components are available from the update source, but deploy to managed products based on the schedule you select


    Click Save before clicking Edit or Deployment Plan on this screen. If you do not click Save your settings will be lost.

  4. Select a deployment plan after components download to Control Manager, from the Deployment Plan screen.
  5. Click Save.

    The settings in Automatic deployment settings only apply to components used by managed products.