Downloading and Deploying New Components

Trend Micro recommends updating the antivirus and content security components to remain protected against the latest virus and malware threats.

By default, Control Manager enables download only on components belonging to managed products registered to the Control Manager server. Control Manager enables virus pattern download even if no managed products are registered to the Control Manager server.

The following are the components to update (listed according to the frequency of recommended update).

Table 1. Available Components



Pattern files/Cleanup templates

Pattern files/Cleanup templates contain hundreds of malware signatures (for example, viruses or Trojans) and determine the managed product's ability to detect and clean malicious file infections

Antispam rules

Antispam rules are the Trend Micro-provided files used for antispam and content filtering


Engines refer to virus/malware scan engines, Damage Cleanup engine, VirusWall engines, the Spyware/Grayware engine and so on. These components perform the actual scanning and cleaning functions.

OfficeScan Plug-in Programs

OfficeScan Plug-in Programs (for example, Trend Micro Security for Mac).


The OfficeScan web console displays all available Plug-in Programs. You can specify to download any of them from Control Manager. However, Control Manager may not have the downloaded the Plug-in Program. Which means that OfficeScan cannot download the specified Plug-in Program from Control Manager.

Before specifying a Plug-in Program for download, from Control Manager to OfficeScan, verify that Control Manager has already downloaded the Plug-in Program.

Product programs and widget pool

Product-specific components (for example, Service Pack releases) and the Control Manager widget pool


Only registered users are eligible for components update.

To minimize Control Manager network traffic, disable the download of components that have no corresponding managed product.

The Component List screen presents a full list of all components that Control Manager has available for managed products. The list also matches components with managed products that use the component. Click Updates > Component List to open the Component List screen.

The Control Manager server only retains the latest component version. You can trace a component's version history by viewing root>:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Control Manager\AU_log\TmuDump.txt entries. TmuDump.txt generates when ActiveUpdate debugging is enabled.


To minimize Control Manager network traffic, disable the download of components that have no corresponding managed products or services. When you register managed products or activate services at a later time, be sure to configure the manual or scheduled download of applicable components.